Wilder Wellness Solutions
A Strength Building Facility



Where we began:

Wilder Wellness Solutions (WWS) is a family owned business that was established in 2013 by Roland Wilder, who wanted to lead the local community residents on their road to a happier and healthier lifestyle. WWS started off as a vitamin and supplement store located inside of a fitness gym. The gym has since closed and the concept of taking WWS to the next step grew from our client’s interest and the demands of the area.

About the owner:

15 years ago, Roland started working at a weight management facility for kids. From this place he developed a passion for helping people, young people specifically, get to a healthy weight. 10 years ago, Roland began weight training to deal with stress as well as become physically and mentally stronger. He also decided to open a supplement store inside a local gym. That experience allowed him to interact more with the local fitness community and gave Roland an insight as to what this area is missing. 7 years ago, Roland began teaching group fitness and developed a love for seeing people achieve levels of strength they didn't know they were capable of. As of December 2016 Roland, has been an official state record holder for the sport of powerlifting and has competed regularly ever since. Being a chef at a weight-loss facility has given him tremendous insight as to what people go through regularly regarding achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Roland has learned and continues to learn that being healthy and strong is both a mental and physical battle and his hope and intention is that in opening this facility it will make health and fitness an attainable goal for everyone.

Our Goal:

At our facility, we will show you a simple, incredibly effective system for building extraordinary physical strength while minimizing the risk of injury. You will learn exactly what you should be doing every time you step into the gym. 

You will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to train productively for the rest of your life. And, you'll do it in a supportive and welcoming environment free from big egos, attitudes, crowds and chaos.