Wilder Wellness Solutions
A Strength Building Facility


WE ARE NOW 24/7! 
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Welcome to our site, we are happy that you are researching facilities to find one that suites you.

Please look through our site, if you have any questions that our site does not answer for you, please contact us.

We hope that our facility will meet your strength building needs and that you will join today!


What to expect from our facility:

Support and tough love (yes, we will tell you to “suck it up”-with love)
We will challenge you
We will guide you
We will push you
We will remind you why you joined
You put in the work and we WILL encourage you the whole time
Who We Are

At WWS, we do one thing – teach you how to make yourself stronger. Strong people are healthier, have a better quality-of-life and are just generally more awesome. Everyone benefits from being stronger, but most people have no idea where to start. 
Who We Are Not

We are not in the business of making you skinny. We don't have fancy locker rooms and saunas. There's no towel service, no juice bar, no supplement shop, and no pool. We don't have endless rows of cardio equipment, exercise machines, or TVs. We don't offer spin class, yoga class, hot yoga class, Pilates class or anything with the words "barre," "core," "bootcamp," or "WOD." You won't be surrounded by half-naked fitness babes or selfie-snapping bodybuilding bros. We don't firm, tone, cut, shred, pump, shape, confuse, blast or burn.